UNBC Fish & Wildlife Student Chapter Quiz Bowl


The UNBC Fish and Wildlife Student Chapter of TWS will be holding its annual Quiz Bowl on Thuirsday March 31st as an end-of-semester event.  Student Quiz Bowls are held at all major meetings of The Wildlife Society and the UNBC Student Chapter Executive is carrying on this tradition.  The Quiz bowl will start at 7 pm in the Bentley Centre – randomly drawn teams (see below) will be announced just before the start of the Quiz Bowl.  To encourage all members of the Student Chapter to sign up, all members of the Executive have ‘agreed’ to participate!  Please contact Rachel by Tuesday March 29th to sign up.  We will be following the basic rules used for all TWS Student Quiz Bowls. These rules are listed below, but please feel free to contact any member of the Executive if you have any questions. 


General Rules


Each team will consist of four players (because this is a fun event, teams will be made up randomly from all those wishing to play). The ‘competition’ will be in the form of a single elimination tournament. Team pairings are chosen at random. Each match lasts ten minutes. The final match lasts fifteen minutes.


Matches begin with a toss-up question open to both teams. Each toss-up question is worth ten points. Full points are earned for a correct answer. No points are lost for an incorrect answer.  Following the reading of a toss-up question, five seconds are allowed to signal for an answer. The team member acknowledged has ten seconds to answer the question. Should a team member give a wrong answer to a toss-up question, the opposing team has five seconds to signal that they want to answer the question and then the ten seconds to answer the question.  The team that answers a toss-up question correctly is given a bonus question.


A bonus question consists of up to four parts. Bonus questions are worth a total of twenty points with points divided equally among the parts. Points are earned for each part answered correctly according to the value of the part. No points are lost for incorrect answers.  Bonus questions are a team effort, but the answer decided upon for each part is only accepted from the team captain. The team has a total of thirty seconds to answer all parts of the question after it has been read.  Bonus questions may reference carry-on specimens, slides, or audio clips.


We will be targeting our questions around the same model used at TWS Conclave quiz bowls at which the questions are drawn from: Biology / Taxonomy / Ecology (birds, mammals, herps, fish, plants, invertebrates); Biogeography / Biodiversity; Population Ecology; Management Techniques; Conservation Policies; Human Dimensions / Wildlife Damage Management; Soils / Geology; Statistics / Biometrics; International Wildlife Conservation; and Disease / Pathology.