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The UNBC Fish and Wildlife Student Chapter of the Wildlife Society is for anyone with fish and wildlife interests, not just students in the Wildlife and Fisheries major or the Biology major. It is a way to get to know people with similar interests.  Our Student Chapter usually conducts one event per month during the academic year, including featured speakers, outdoor activities, and other Chapter functions.  The UNBC TWS Trip Policy, approved by the Executive on 2 March 2009, applies to all Student Chapter sponsored trips.

Upcoming Events

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Winter Student Chapter Meet and Greet (Jan 18)

Similar to our Fall Meet and Greet, we welcome you all to join us to start off the winter semester and discuss the events and talks that we will be hosting over the next 4 months. Please take this oppertunity to discuss with us ideas you have for trips or talks!

we will be in room 5-172 (behind the library) from 5 -6:30pm!

Wildfoods Potluck
We ask you to please save the date
To our potlatch where food is first rate!

Fish, moose, and hare,
Elk, deer and bear
May all find themselves on your plate!

We invite you to take this chance and clean out the wild game in your freezer, dress it up nicely and bring it along for dinner!
"But I donít hunt or fish!Ē you may say. Salads, side dishes, and deserts are strongly encouraged!
Please check back here for the official, date, time, and place

BBL - Conservation Officer's (TBA)

BBL - Summer Jobs (TBA)

Annual Ice Fishing Derby (TBA)

Alright everyone, cross your fingers that the ice stays solid!

Weather providing, we will be hosting our annual ice fishing dreby at the end of february! Anyone and everyone is welcome to this event so spread the word. You will need a fishing licence and some fishing gear. If you are new to the sport, don't be discouraged! just shoot us and email to There will be prizes of all sorts for categories of all sorts, there will be hot dogs and warm coco as well!

you can pick up a day licence from: Canadian Tirer, Day & Night, Eastway Esso, Northern Hardware, Pineview General Store, Wal-Mart

Please check back for date, place, and ice conditions


TWS table at UNBC Green Day

Winter Break Trip to John Prince Research Forest

SkeenaWild Film-Viewing Event

Annual NRESi-sponsored talk

AGM / Quizbowl

Past Events

Brownbag Lunch with Dr. Charles Krebs (Jan 12)

Fish Tank Fund Raiser (Nov 15)

Northern Lights Wildlife Society Trip (Nov 10-12)

10th Annual Student Chapter Wildlife Photo Contest (Nov 06-10)

Kennedy Siding Caribou Viewing (Oct 28)

Vanderhoof Sturgeon Hatchery Trip (Oct 21)

Amphibian Walk (Oct 06)

Fulton River Salmon Spawning Channel (Sept 31- Oct 1)

Fall 2017 Meet and Greet (Sept 20)

Mugaha bird banding station near Mackenzie to band migratory songbirds (Sept 16-17)


Mugaha bird banding station near Mackenzie to band migratory songbirds (Sept 16-17)

This year at the banding station, the 12 student chapter members that travelled to Mugaha Marsh had the experience of seeing a variety of song birds, 2 Saw-whet Owls, and the first Boreal Owl of the season. Students had the option to go exploring before the owl banding began, and they were able to see many types of waterfowl, raptors, and a few fur-bearers on the many trails around the banding station. The night merited beautiful northern lights, a whole lot of meteors, and the calls of a small pack of coyotes. An all-around wonderful weekend with some wonderful people!

(Photos courtesy of Mackenzie Howse)

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Fall 2017 Meet and Greet

Our annual Meet and Greet was a great success! We had over 70 students in attendance, as we talked about events that we have coming up, as well as what TWS is all about. Thanks for coming out and supporting UNBCís Student Chapter of TWS!

(Photos courtesy of James Goudreau)

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Fulton River Salmon Spawning Channel

Our 1st trip out to the Fulton River Spawning Channel was successful on a level beyond expectation! It became our largest trip in recent history, with 34 members attending. Two nights in Red Bluff Provincial Park, half a day touring the facility, half a day of fishing, and so many sights to see. Past the natural formations; waterfalls, canyons, alder groves, and winding rivers, the wildlife proved exceptional. Among the innumerable sockeye salmon were seen pink, and coho salmon, rainbow trout, and various minnow species. The eagles completed the spectacle, populating every habitable layer from the river, spiraling upwards on their thermals. Not to be left out, some mammals also made their appearance. An especially lucky group on this trip encountered a lynx, beavers were spotted in the park, and bears on the road near the channel were also seen. With the black flies buzzing, thatís 4 major groups accounted for in one trip! A lovely Sunday morning on the beach in the sun concluded the trip, and with only a pit stop at another waterfall on the way remaining, we headed home. Thanks to everyone for making this outing all that it was.

(Photo courtesy of James Goudreau)

(Photo courtesy of Joonas Savolainen)

(Photo courtesy of James Goudreau)

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Amphibian Walk

This year ten TWS student chapter members joined Mark Thompson on an amphibian walk around UNBC and Forests for the World trails. The students learned all sorts of fun facts about amphibians as well as their important role in the ecosystem and nutrient cycling. The group found a dead Long-Toed Salamander (Ambystoma macrodactylum) as well as a dead Western Toad (Anaxyrus boreas).

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Vanderhoof Sturgeon Hatchery Trip

On the 21st of October, 2017; students from the UNBC student chapter of The Wildlife Society drove one hour to Vanderhoof to visit of the Nechako White Sturgeon Conservation Center. At the center, they were educated on the challenges facing the endangered Nechako White Sturgeon, and treated to a private tour of the hatchery facility which actively raises Nechako White Sturgeon for release.

(Photos courtesy of Sebastian van Leeuwen)

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Kennedy Siding Caribou Viewing (Oct 28)

Thank you to the 25 members who joined us on our trip to Kennedy Siding! Biologists Dale Seip, Doug Heard and Mike Klazcek shared their knowledge of the Caribou herds in the area and discussed the specific herdsí winter and summer ranges. Just 2 minutes down the Kennedy Siding FSR, we saw about 3/4 of the Kennedy Siding Caribou herd! While taking footage of these brilliant animals, Seip, Heard, and Klazcek described caribou and lichen ecology as well as their testing and sampling methods for identifying the caribou. While we ate lunch, a bald eagle watched us from the other side of the river atop a large fir tree! Heading back down the auxiliary road, Doug Heard showed us his last caribou feeder as he demonstrated how he acquires the weight of and identifies the caribou. As we departed from Kennedy, everybody got one last final glimpse at a massive bull bedded down in the ditch of the Kennedy Siding FSR. 

group shot 


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10th Annual Student Chapter Wildlife Photo Contest (Nov 06-10)

The photo contest was a huge success. The pictures that were submitted ware fantastic, big thanks to everyone who competed and to everyone who participated in the voting process. After the votes were in and the ballads counted, the TWS exec team put together a beautiful calendar! Some of the photo's can be seen below.

(Photo courtesy of Bob Steventon)

(Photo courtesy of Mackenzie Howse)

(Photo courtesy of Emily Thomas)

(Photo courtesy of Jeannine Randall)

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Northern Lights Wildlife Society Trip (Nov 10-12)

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Fish Tank Fund Raiser (Nov 15)

Thank you to everyone who helped out with the fundraiser for the tropical fish tank in building 8! After all of our efforts to raise the funds, the tank has an emergency fund save up and will also be receiving a few new residence to replace the ones that passed away in the last misfortunate malfunction.

 The bake sale was a huge hit and I hoped everyone who stopped by enjoyed the tasty treats as much as we enjoyed baking and selling them! The movie night was great fun and thank you to everyone who donated!!!!

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Brownbag Lunch with Dr. Charles Krebs (Jan 12)

The BBL with Dr. Krebs was an excellent turnout. While all enjoyed pizza, students and staff got to speak with Dr. Krebs, discussing topics of Ecology, wildlife management, and the future outlook for youth and students interests in wildlife management.

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